Put a friendly face on atheism

Invisible Pink Unicorn jewelry is based on an atheist symbol. It is jewelry with meaning and a purpose.

In a subtle and unobtrusive way the jewelry gives you an opportunity to express “I’m a friendly atheist“.

But why would you want to express that?  

In many places atheists are perceived as morally inferior. Atheists get a bad reputation for being evil people when really they are your friendly neighbour, your family member that loves you unconditionally, your child's amazing teacher and your very best friend who is afraid to let you know.

Atheists are seen as weird, bad, without morals or downright evil depending on where they live. Openly professing to be an atheist can get you isolated, fired and in some parts of the world killed.

By expressing you’re a friendly atheist you can help change that.

Don't be invisible 

We don’t say you should necessarily come out. We know it can be difficult. 

We believe that for the atheist stigma to be broken we have to empower atheists and help them find community and belonging.

We also have to show the world that being atheist doesn’t say anything about who you are as a person. Atheism is not equal to being bad or evil.

Invisible Pink Unicorn jewelry can spike conversations. Conversations where you might be able to put into words that you are atheist. When people find out that a person they like and respect is atheist, it will challenge their negative notions about atheism.

We hope that the Invisible Pink Unicorn jewelry will make a change for you and down the line make a change for all atheists, because you helped make that change.