Invisible Pink Unicorn pendant atheist jewelry

i was raised to have a religion but above all to respect others religious beliefs

I'm Viviane and i was raised to have a religion but above all, to respect other peoples religious beliefs.

Atheism can be as good as any good philosophy. After I became an atheist I became more interested in science, I began to value my life more, to enjoy every moment more.

I began to worry more about the preservation of the environment and the health of planet earth. In the past I did not care because I thought the world would end because it was written in the Bible, and there was nothing we could do to avoid it.

I'm not scared anymore. I am no longer afraid of demons, I am no longer afraid of hell, of anti-christ, fear of Jesus returning, fear of my family dying without Jesus etc ... because I know now that all that is a lie.

I do not have to fight imaginary enemies or make imaginary friends, i do not hear more 1 hour sermons, no more songs, no more "sit and raise", no more "open your bibles", no more "applaud to the Lord" no more "a lot of boring things happening in boring places". Today I do not go the boring places anymore.

When we follow these judgments based on sacred books, are we following the will of some God or someone who wanted to impose a kind of social or cultural control and saw the perfect opportunity there?

Ever since I became atheist it has changed my life for the better, so I wanted something to show how I felt about this transformation. First I had the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol tattoo on my shoulder and now I also wear the The Invisible Pink Unicorn pendant. The tattoo and the pendant are something people can see and identify.

I also try to vocalise my opinion, show that I am strong. Through the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol you can show the world that being an atheist is something you can be proud of and shouldn't have to hide. 

After finding the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol I enjoy the fact that YOU CAN empower yourself and create change in the world!

Viviane, Brasil

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