The Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol


History behind the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol

The symbol was created in 2003 with the sole purpose of representing atheism; a way of expressing your atheism without using words.

The symbol is a stylized unicorn in the void symbol (empty set Ø). The void symbol represents ‘nothing’ and the unicorn is a reference to ‘the invisible pink unicorn’.

Believers often employs the "God did it" explanation whenever some phenomena is left unexplained by science, thus using the lack of evidence as evidence for God. Internet non-believers has been known to dignify such defective reasoning with a "The Invisible Pink Unicorn did it" reply to illustrate the lack of explanatory power’ - Tim Ahrentløv, creator of the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol

You can see and read more about the symbol on the symbol website here

THE invisible pink unicorn symbol as jewelry

The Invisible Pink Unicorn jewelry is based on the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol. The original design has been altered to make an airy and elegant design suitable for jewelry.

As the original Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol represents atheism and can be used in however way the wearer wishes the jewelry version of the symbol represents friendly atheism and has been made with the sole purpose of breaking the atheist stigma. You can read more about the idea behind the jewelry here