The sign says ATHEIST not RAPIST. Get over it!

I live in Southwest Ohio in the USA. It’s definitely not easy to be an atheist here but obviously it’s nowhere near as hard as it is in places like Pakistan, etc. Recently, a former (retired) coworker told one of my current coworkers that I’m an unbeliever and now I’ve been asked if we hang an upside down Christmas tree in our home. I’ve also had two coworkers get in my face about it; one did it in front of students where I teach. This science teacher was furious and trying to pick a fight but I refused to take the bait. Another coworker followed me down the hallway in order to rant about my “atheist on board”’sign in my car’s window. I finally had to cut her off and say, “The sign says ATHEIST not RAPIST. Get over it!” When I published my atheist memoir some people in my family, including my mom, really freaked out. Thankfully they calmed down after reading it.

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