Expulsion of young atheist to Afghanistan will cost him his life

This is the story of Fawad Noori an outspoken atheist and Islam critic. Fawad Noori is a fictional name, his real name is known by the editors. Fawad is an Afghan refugee seeking asylum in Denmark on the basis of atheism. 

Fawad was denied asylum in Denmark and was supposed to leave Denmark on a plane out of Copenhagen August 20th 2017. He did not go on the plane. He himself resisted so much that it wasn't possible for him to fly. Both a Danish petition and an international petition was started in the hopes of convincing the Danish Refugee Appeals Board to re-open Fawads case and let him stay in Denmark. The Danish Atheist Society has also been working on Fawads case.

Sadly the Danish Refugee Appeals Board did not re-open his case and they deported Fawad without telling anybody. Fawad is in Afghanistan where he is hiding and fears for his life.  

Lost his entire family

In december 2013 when he was only 16 years old Fawad fled to Denmark as an unaccompanied child. Shortly before, he had lost his dad and sister to a roadside bomb.  After the death of his father, his uncle, who was Taleban wanted to recruit him by force to the Taleban movement and force marry his mother. Instead Fawad and his mother decided to flee. Fawads mother dissapeared along the way as they were forced to split up in two cars. Despite several searches she has not been found. Which leaves Fawad without any family.


The road to atheism 

In 2014 Fawad tried to commit suicide. His situation in life was hopeless and tragic. Introspection, a lack of belief that life is predestined and a fierce distance to Islam leads him to be an atheist. Early 2016 Fawad publish a video on Facebook in which he urges the afghan people to dissociate with islam as he thinks it urges to the killing of people. He believe people should use their intellect and reasoning to build a good life and be a good human being.

Shortly after publishing the video he received death threats and is isolated by his friends and surroundings, both at the asylum center and outside of it. At the asylum center three strange foreign men come in and threatens his life because of his opinions of Islam.  

The police doesn’t want to make a report but the Danish Refugee Appeals Board thinks it is best that Fawad is moved to another asylum center for his safety, due to the many death threats from former friends who have been deported to Afghanistan, Fawad fears for his life. By mid 2016, an asylum application is submitted on the basis of atheism. In the end of 2016 Fawad has his personal freedom taken away at the secured institution Ellebæk. In Ellebæk he still receives death threats due to his atheism and critique of Islam and therefore the police estimates that it's the safest to isolate him from the other inmates. 

At December 5th 2016 Fawad is released when his case on atheism is opened. February 2017 he is denied asylum again. In the reasoning the Danish Refugee Appeals Board writes that they believe Fawad to have made up the death threats with his former friends. They also do not believe him to be atheist - but has at no time asked him about his atheism which is hugely worrying when the asylum theme was his atheism.

Fawad struggles for freedom of speech which has led to him fearing for his life. He has participated under a fictional name - due to security - in Islam critical debates and has published articles at the Danish Atheists Society's webpage.  

June 22nd 2017 he is once again deprived of his personal freedom and incarcerated at Ellebæk in order to expel him soon to Afghanistan.


Fawad risks death penalty or execution in Afghanistan

Fawad risks death penalty or execution in Afghanistan due to his Islam critical statements and his apostasy from Islam. Fawad is loved by many and his Danish family are desperate by the mere thought of him going to Afghanistan where his opinions of Islam has great consequences. It is associated with serious danger to expel atheists and other minorities to Afghanistan, a practice we must stop before it costs human lives.


The 20 year old man who goes by the name Fawad Noori is the first atheist ever to be deported to Afghanistan.

The 20 year old man who goes by the name Fawad Noori is the first atheist ever to be deported to Afghanistan.