Atheist at an asylum center: They call me kuffar

The following story is a translated article from the Danish Atheist Society webpage on June 21st 2017. 

The story is told by Fawad Noori and shows how it is to live in an asylum center in Denmark as an outspoken Atheist and Islam critic. Fawad Noori is a fictional name, his real name is known by the editors.

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Picture is from the Danish asylum center Kongelunde. This is not where Fawad Noori lives.

Picture is from the Danish asylum center Kongelunde. This is not where Fawad Noori lives.

I always greet the other Afghani refugees living in the asylum center but they don’t greet me back. I want to eat with the other Afghans but they don’t want to eat with me. They say: “You are an infidel. Who will save you when you are deported back to Afghanistan?”.

They used to be friendly, we had fun, and we shared some great times on the town. We were friends.

When they saw my video on Facebook they blocked me. Back in 2016 I shared a video on Facebook in which I told about my personal relation to Islam. I urged the people of Afghanistan to stop killing each other on behalf of religion. That wasn't well received by the afghans. They called me kuffar. I told them that we all have a right to say what we want, but I guess that is not the case if you ask them. If you are an atheist and a critic of Islam you are an infidel.

I do not fast during ramadan. All those who do stare at me, look at me with anger in their eyes and ignore me, as I am the worst scum on earth. When I eat they stop me and rebuke me - tells me to fast not eat. When they see me smoke, they tell me it's a wrong action and that I should fast. When I drink water they shake their heads at me and tell me I am an infidel.

When they pray I need to stay calm. I must not disturb them or else there will be trouble and conflict. When they pray I need to restrain myself because they have first priority and I have none - that is just the way it is. 

What will happen to me in Afghanistan after I am deported if this is how the refugee muslims in Denmark act?


Update: Fawad is to be expelled from Denmark on August 20th 2017. Read more here