Atheist jewelry for a lifetime

As my husband and I decided to venture into accessory for atheists it was clear to us that our jewelry had to have the durability of a lifetime and be genuine jewelry. Just like the pieces you buy at a goldsmith. Why should an atheist not want to showcase his or hers view on life / belief system? Could it not be awesome with a piece of jewelry that could be handed down through generations? If not to an atheist then to be a memory of an aunt who didn't believe in a deity.

As my husband is the designer of the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol it was obvious to base the jewelry on that symbol. We altered the symbol to an airy design suitable for elegant jewelry.

To ensure durability we decided on doing all pieces in solid precious metal. No gold platings as these wear off in time. They are made by a goldsmith so every piece have been through human hands and it's edges and corners have been catered for. 

To ensure the quality of the precious metals used our jewelry is controlled by the Danish precious metal control facility. This is why our jewelry is marked with our company initials IPU and the marking for the precious metal used: 925 Sterling  Silver and 585 14 karat gold.

Put a friendly face on atheism :)

Tim & Maija Ahrentløv, Founders