Atheist jewelry for a lifetime

Invisible Pink Unicorn jewelry is made from the idea of an atheist being able to get a piece of jewelry that has the durability of a lifetime. If you visit a goldsmith there is a lot of possibilities for purchasing a handmade precious metal piece of jewelry that symbolise different religions or other views of life. If you are atheist your choices are very limited.

Shortly before venturing into making atheist precious jewelry I went into a goldsmith out of curiosity to see, if there were anything I could buy for myself as an atheist or as a gift for an atheist friend, a non religious name giving party, a non religious coming of age party etc.

The goldsmith looked at me and with a smirky smile on his face he said "No, if anybody were to come and ask for it I would point them to the other side of the street". That is where the pharmacy lies.

This experience did something to me and pretty quickly the first prototypes of the Invisible Pink Unicorn were made. 

There were a few things that were very important:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Durability   

As my husband is the designer of the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol it was obvious to base the jewelry on that symbol. He gave me permission to alter the symbol a bit to be able to make an elegant an airy design.

To ensure durability we decided on doing all pieces in solid precious metal. No gold platings as these wear off in time. One of the first prototypes were stamped out in silver by a large machine but we quickly decided to find a goldsmith and have every piece handmade. This way every piece have been through human hands and it's edges and corners have been catered for. 

To ensure the quality of the precious metals used our jewelry is controlled by the Danish precious metal control facility. This is why our jewelry is marked with our company initials IPU and the marking for the precious metal used:

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 585 14 karat gold


Put a friendly face on atheism :)