Invisible Pink Unicorn donates 10% from each sale to the Danish non profit organisation DIN Nødhjælp. 

According to traditional African beliefs everything has a supernatural cause and often the children are made the scapegoats. The Pentecostal Movements belief in faith healing through laying on of hands, and the ability of prophetic speak seems to merge well with the traditional African belief in witchcraft, sorcery and black magic. The combination of the traditional African beliefs and the many new independent churches rooted in the Pentecostal Movement, has helped spread witch hunt on children. 

DIN Nødhjælp performs important educational work to help overcome the superstitious beliefs in Nigeria. This superstition is the reason many children and young ones are being accused of being witches and subsequent tortured, expelled, fatally injured or killed by the local community.

DIN Nødhjælp tries to rescue the ones that survive and bring them to their orphanage in Nigeria. The children receives a lot of care, medical treatment, room and board and attend school. The aim is to provide the children with a nurturing childhood and turn them into strong independent adults and citizens.

DIN Nødhjælp's vision is to create a safe childhood for all Nigerian kids, get rid of superstition and help create development in Nigeria.

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