DINNødhjælp is a Danish humanitarian association that fight for children's rights - founded in 2012

DINNødhjælp performs important educational work to break the superstition in Nigeria. Due to high superstition many children are accused of being witches which often lead to inhumane treatments of torture, dehumanization and banishment by the family and the local community. Many of these children die due to unhealed wounds and malnutrition. DINNødhjælp try to rescue as many of these unfortunate souls and house them at the children center in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

The children receive plenty of care, medical treatment, food/lodging and education, which enables a stable life for the children so they can become viable in the society.

DINNødhjælp work with their hearts as well as their minds, and the primary purpose is to support some of the world’s poorest children to obtain a more dignified life.

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Witchcraft accusations
Witch accusation is a growing problem in many African countries, especially in Nigeria.

Witch accusations may occur due to death and illness in the family, harvest failure, layoffs or infertility. According to traditional African beliefs everything has a supernatural source, and it is often the children who are made the scapegoats.


The traditional African beliefs mixed with independent churches leads to a deadly cocktail
In the past 50 years in Nigeria, many new independent churches emerged with roots in Pentecostalism. The churches are charismatic, and they use rhythmic singing and dancing in the worships services and a high emphasize on healing by laying a hand on a person and the ability to speak in prophecy. Unlike the official Pentecostal church these churches give room for traditional African belief in witchcraft and black magic.

Superstition in Nigeria is most prevalent in Cross River State, Rivers State and Akwa Ibom where DINNødhjælp works. In Akwa Ibom Pentecostal understanding of Christianity mixed with local tribal religions leads often to a deadly cocktail that involves belief in witches and exorcism of witches.


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