Atheists are considered to be bad people or devil worshippers

 I am a humanist, a secular humanist. My values are based on human rights. I’ve always been in rights and equality. As a kid I got furious if someone wasn’t treated fair or I could see clear signs of inequality. I think this was my way in to humanism and atheism. Equality and also science. I have always been interested in science. When I was young, I wanted to be an astrophysicist – until I realized how much physics you had to study before you could get to the fun part. Instead I got a master’s in film science.

Invisible Pink Unicorn pendant atheist jewelry

We didn’t talk much about religion when I was a child. On my fathers side my grandparents where communists and part of the resistance during the second world war. On my mothers’ side my grandparents where very religious. Both my parents where part of the hippie movement. It was a time for experiments also with belief and the alternative – I have been through almost all kinds of alternative medicine, tried all kinds of treatments, meditated, analyzed dreams etc., thinking there must be something out there in the universe. 

I produce a podcast Babelfish where I interview non-believers from different countries. I think it is important to tell their life stories. They all share the same story. They thought they were alone in the world, keeping their opinions to them self in the religious communities they belonged to. Until they met like-minded people. It was almost like a revelation for them. They finally found a community, found new friends and family.

The challenges they all share is prejudice from religious people. Atheists are considered to be bad people or devil worshippers. One of the highest priorities for non-believers is to show that they are good people with morals and ethics – basically they try to put a friendly face on atheism.

I think the invisible pink unicorn pendant is beautiful and it supports perfectly what non-believers try to do – fight prejudice against them.

For more information on Kirstine’s podcast Babelfish and where to listen go to her website here: Babelfish podcast