Invisible Pink Unicorn sterling silver pendant atheist jewelry


All Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) jewelry pieces are handcrafted products made in solid precious metals.

Precious metals should wear beautifully and maintain their quality over time if properly taken care of. 


  • do not use chemicals marketed as jewelry cleaning products for cleaning your IPU jewelry - exception for silver see below

  • do not spray perfume or hair products directly on your IPU jewelry

  • avoid wearing your IPU jewelry when doing sports

  • keep your IPU jewelry away from chlorinated water (swimming pools) or saline

  • prevent your IPU jewelry from coming into contact with lotions, makeup and cleaning liquids

We recommend that you:

  • take off your IPU jewelry when you sleep and bathe. If you prefer to keep them on, you should be aware that this increase the wear and tear on your IPU jewelry

  • when not in daily use protect your IPU jewelry in cotton bags or the box it came in

  • store your IPU jewelry at normal/dry room temperature never in bathrooms or humid areas

  • only clean your IPU jewelry with a dry soft cotton cloth. If you need to use a liquid use a bit of warm water.


Especially for Silver

Silver tarnishes naturally when exposed to light and air. Best way to prevent this tarnish building up is by wearing your IPU silver jewelry. If you come to a point where you would like to remove the tarnish use polishes formulated specifically to remove tarnish from silver. At specialty craft stores you can find fine silver polishes, solutions or cloths appropriate to remove tarnish. 

When removing tarnish do not rub the IPU silver jewelry but wipe with care.