only once I moved to the US I saw the issues and how crazy people are about God here

I been born into a very secular household, my grandmother was very open about her atheism. I treasure her lessons and the fact that she never sugar coated anything, she always told me uncomfortable truths vs sweet lies. As an adult I see how greatly it benefited me. 

Atheist jewelry Invisible Pink Unicorn pendant

I did try religion. I am Jewish by mother and orthodox Christian on dad side. I moved to Israel for a couple of years, and when I was there I followed Yom Kippur etc because my friends where doing it. When back in Canada hitting a low point mentally and physically someone gave me one of those small bibles the ones that has just a collection of proverbs or whatever, you know the very cherry picked type to make you feel better for a bit. I tried praying but it was like putting a bandage on a wound that needs stitches, so it didn't take long for me to drop that bad idea. And once I realized that, changed a few things in my life, saw a doctor for my depression all of the sudden it was all better. Looking back me trying religion was just reading few thing here and there to give myself comfort. I think because I grew up reading mythology books and the Bible around the same age, following religion was hard because lots of things just didn't make sense or just didn't sit well. My skeptical mind was always questioning things and so I decided that religion was not for me and that it never really provided the peace or answers. 

I also never really identified as an atheist. Living in Canada, religion is a non issue so the atheist label was not thrown around, only once I moved to the US I saw the issues and how crazy people are about God here, that's when I discovered I am an atheist and always been. It was kind of liberating in a sense too, can't explain it really, maybe it was due that I met so many amazing people from many internet platforms with whom we share same views and some of those people became great friends.

I am one of those people who are unapologetically themselves and love to rattle cages, so I never try to be someone I am not just to make others feel comfortable. Both my husband and I are open about being atheists and definately experienced people being little weird. Couple family members, friends, some we no longer speak to.

My hubby pointed out one time as we discussed religious topics how we gonna raise our kids. With him having a catholic background and me a jewish background, it could be an issue with our parents how we raise them. We decided since we both come from different backgrounds we will just introduce our kids to religion same way kids get introduced to any other mythology, so they can choose for themselves. My kids are still small and there has been little discussion with my oldest about what people believe but she has never read the Bible or other religious texts, she can read on her own now and I am collecting mythology books for her and her brother to read when they want. We both strongly agree that kids should be introduced to religion at age of reason.

I love my Invisible Pink Unicorn pendant and everything it stands for. It's definately a conversation starter. I have got a lot compliments when I wear it, but never really got in depth about it. All tho I have seen few people surprised after learning I am an atheist. And I love the pendant, because unicorns do make me feel happy, and when someone recognizes what it is it's like meeting a friend.