Let me be honest and say that if I’m wrong (and I really don’t think I am) I’ll be the first to admit it and stand up to be corrected

Invisible Pink Unicorn pendant atheist jewelry

My journey to atheism wasn’t a hard one. I grew up in a house that values religious and political privacy. The only time I ever went to church was when my mother wanted to marry my Dad in that particular church. I can count on two hands how many times I’ve been to an actual church. I remember starting my journey around age eight when I asked my Dad in what order the dinosaurs and God came. His response was spot on, he said, that’s the question of all. This began my search for the truth.  

I started perusing the Bible, skipping around, but all the names and then’s and beget’s served only to frustrate and confuse me, giving me little satisfaction or answers to my questions. I was very good in school, especially English and Science. I enjoyed science so very much.

I started paying special attention to the history and evidence that eliminated any religious designation.  

It was a very simple leap for me in middle/high school to feel that there was no such person, this God that people blindly worshipped.  I saw many people were merely Sunday worshippers and horrible people the rest of the time. Science wasn’t like that. It just was what it was and the people exploring it were doing it to sincerely further the field. I felt like I belonged in the scientific community. So my atheism blossomed throughout my scientific degrees in college and graduate school. I was well entrenched in it by the time I was in high school and these feelings of truth buried themselves deeply in me and while following general scientific principles I felt the ability and strength to form my own opinion of all evidence. But let me be honest and say that if I’m wrong (and I really don’t think I am) I’ll be the first to admit it and stand up to be corrected. I’m not any smarter than anyone else seeking to figure this all out.  

To share one last thought, as an adult, I finally touched on the religious subject with my parents. My mom, while naming me after Christ, believed in God but had never had me baptized wanting me to have the freedom to find my own religious path. My dad, raised Catholic, had settled on agnosticism and, lastly, even still at 28 and 30 I couldn’t tell you what my brother and sister believe. To be clear and honest, it’s really none of my business.

When I saw the pendant from Invisible Pink Unicorn I fell in love, both with the symbolism and the concept of putting a friendly face on atheism. It’s fundamental to my belief system, to be kind and non-judgemental about my, or others, beliefs. When I received my pendant I almost fell over at the quality. I’ll never lose this! It will never fall off my chain as so many of my jewelry has. I’m so excited to share what it is and what it means to me. Now I’m saving for the gold one too!  Thank you Invisible Pink Unicorn.  Your work is impeccable and your message strong.