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Ceremonies when life starts, when life ends, when we choose to be with our significant other or when we go from one stage in life to another is common all around the world. In many countries these ceremonies are being performed by the church. But the humanist approach is growing. Many humanist / freethinker associations provide an alternative to the religious ceremonies. 


Humanist confirmation in Scandinavia

In Scandinavia it is common to celebrate the coming of age, the transition from childhood to adulthood. The humanist approach is growing. Instead of doing the religious sacrament of confirmation you celebrate with a civil confirmation, a secular coming of age ceremony. The purpose of these ceremonies is to offer a festive ritual for the youngsters, who do not believe in any religion, but nevertheless want to mark their transition from childhood to adulthood.

In Norway 10.000 young people every year choose the secular coming of age ceremony and in the rest of Scandinavia the numbers are growing. 

The humanist / freethinker organisations in Scandinavia often offer courses or camps for the non-religious adolescents, in which they can study and work with ethical, social and personal topics important for adult life, followed by a formal rite of passage comparable to the religious sacrament of confirmation.



If you are interested in learning more about the scandinavian humanist / freethinker organisations and their humanist ceremonies, you can visit their websites by clicking their logos hereunder.