Atheist stories

This is a collection of stories from atheists around the world. It’s their personal stories and thoughts on religion and atheism. All are atheists, some open some not. They all wear Invisible Pink Unicorn jewelry and thereby putting a friendly face on atheism.



I grew up in a Hindu household, where I too was told to believe (even today) in meaningless garbage like how a god slept on a snake with a hundred heads in the sky, or how earthquake was caused by the rage dancing of a marijuana huffing god, and the list goes on. My particular favourite was the one where Gopal (baby Krishna) had the whole universe in his mouth.



For as long as I can remember I lived my life as a Jehovah’s Witness. I never celebrated my birthday or any holidays as they were deemed “pagan”. I was ridiculed in school by classmates for “being weird” and not doing the things the other kids did because of my religion. I was lonely and had very few friends. I had no friends outside of school.



We were told that this church had the ONLY "truth" and that we were now a part of "God's chosen" people. That made us feel special and I see now how elitist it was, but it worked on us at the time. We stayed there for about 14 years, even raising our children there for a while - something I now deeply regret.



Korea has the largest group of Evangelical Christians outside the US, and the US military did not disappoint them. There were revival meetings, complete with tents, on the base and the military preschool was called "The Mustard Seed." That's when I also became aware that the US military is basically "government-paid missionaries."



I'm not scared anymore. I am no longer afraid of demons, I am no longer afraid of hell, of anti-christ, fear of Jesus returning, fear of my family dying without Jesus etc ... because I know now that all that is a lie.



I saw many people were merely Sunday worshippers and horrible people the rest of the time. Science wasn’t like that. It just was what it was and the people exploring it were doing it to sincerely further the field. I felt like I belonged in the scientific community. So my atheism blossomed throughout my scientific degrees in college and graduate school.



Once I shed religion, I became a better person. I could no longer offer someone in need a simple prayer. I knew a better world was up to me, not God. I knew this life was it, so I couldn't muddle through hoping my afterlife might be better. I couldn't commit sins of my own heart knowing it was okay because all I had to do was ask for forgiveness afterward.



I produce a podcast Babelfish where I interview non-believers from different countries. I think it is important to tell their life stories. They all share the same story. They thought they were alone in the world, keeping their opinions to them self in the religious communities they belonged to. Until they met like-minded people.